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We're Jade and Dani

That’s right (or is it left?), we’re a double Mom FEETure - with a pair of sneakers, a few hundred cool snaps and a dream to put some joy back in the world.  In fact, we love joy so much that we want to sneak it into our sneakers and wiggle our toes in it all day.

There’s a whole lot we could say about us, but we’ll start with what’s important: your kids. Our kids. The kids of today, tomorrow and 2,000 years from now. JoyJoy was built for them really. For you too - but mainly for them – and their feet.

We wanted to build a business that met the deeper needs of children everywhere: to ultimately help build their self-confidence on and off the playground. We envisioned a fashion brand that would make our little ones feel in charge of their feelings and their style choices.

And that’s what JoyJoy is all about. It’s our mission to spark joy in little feet of young wild hearts everywhere. 

Our shop is a wonderland experience of creativity, fashion, style, confidence and JOY. The fun won’t ever end in this theme park of shoe exhilaration. Everything we do at JoyJoy is made, boxed, snapped and delivered with heart and sole.   

Full disclosure: we’re not in the shoe game. We’re in the feelings game. And we’re all about getting your kids to feel good on their feet, in their shoes, with their choices and in their kiddie communities. 

Our hope is that we achieve this, together with you. Because no matter your shoe size, it feels good to feel joy. 


- xoxo

PS: We think even the parents at home might have shoe envy (sorry folks, no adult sizes yet!)

Double the Joy, aka JoyJoy

That’s not one joy but two joys. Because one joy is never enough.

It’s about pairs of joy for little feet

For big little humans who own the street

Being creative, expressive, amazingly impressive

Awesomely comfortable being you

Feet in. Stand out 

These are the Snaps our own kids are wearing right now.

These are the Snaps our own kids are wearing right now