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JoyJoy is a kids sneaker with 

interchangeable velcro straps

Featured in...

"A shoe kids are

finally excited to wear"

JoyJoy puts an end to the daily “put your shoes on" wars with the world’s first interchangeable kids sneaker.

Designed with a removable velcro strap, kids get to swap out their choices of shoe design as many (many) times as they like. The best part - you only need to buy 1 pair of shoes, that can now be worn 100 different ways.

What moms are saying...

What moms are saying...

It's a shoe that kid’s actually want to wear

With major perks for mom & dad too.

It’s all about happy soles for happy souls.

  • We also made our sneakers lace-less, well... 

    ...because all parents hate laces. Finally a shoe that kids can slip on and off themselves (we really tried to apply our mom brains here!)

  • Super comfy for growing feet

    We made sure to make them nice and ergonomic. Extra padding. Super flexible for little growing feet.

  • Machine Washable - yep, just chuck them in!

    We put in a dark grey lining to hide dirty muddy foot stains. Plus they're machine washable for all other stains. 

  • Our Snaps are One Size Fits All across all shoes!

    All snaps are interchangeable across right / left shoe / one size fits all, so your snaps will grow with your child, even when their shoe size changes (siblings & friends can also share).

Start here to get your sneakers plus a snap pack 
of your choice.

Start here if you have
a pair of sneakers and want to explore more snaps.

Our problem free Joylosophy

If it doesn't bring you joy, it’s an OY, and we’ll take them back, no matter what. Too big? Too small? Glitter’s come off? Want a last-minute crown and not a dragon? Worn them to a party already? That’s okay, lightly worn returned JoyJoys will be donated.
We mean this. Heart and sole!